Why become a Franchisee?

“As a Franchisee, you will enjoy ongoing support in the key areas of your business“.

We know that franchising is a great way of getting into business for yourself but to help you to see the benefits of becoming a franchisee, we have outlined below the main advantages.

Less risk

Franchising suits those who want to be their own boss but are reluctant to start their own business from scratch due to the risks involved.  Because franchising is a tried and tested business, the systems are proven and any problems are sorted out during the pilot franchise stage, the risk in franchising is a lot less than doing it on your own.

Strong brand awareness

Every time a franchise opens in another city or town, or in another state, they are spreading awareness of the franchise brand in that area and nationally.

Comprehensive training and support

N-Hance will train you in all aspects of the business.  This means if you don’t have experience, don’t worry our training team will be with you every step of the way so you are not alone as our dedicated Franchise support team are in place to help you with any issues you are having.  Whilst it is your own business, you are able to call on the experience of others when needed, our intensive 2 week training program includes…

  • Stock – Inventory Management
  • Sales Planning – Sales Budgets
  • Selling Skills – Trusted Advisor Program
  • Product Application – Practical Training including Infield Training/Application
  • Business Insurance
  • Customer Service Training
  • Marketing – Promotional Planning
  • IT Software – IT
  • Administration
  • HR – Recruitment
  • Franchise Compliance
  • WHS
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership & Management

What’s Next?

An Eye on Opening Day

Fast forward to the point where hands have been shaken, you have done your homework (due diligence) and initial franchise application documents have been signed, what happens next?

  • Finance approval
  • Nominate your location
  • Finalise Franchise Agreement – legal documentation
  • Induction & formal 2 week training program commences in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
  • Sales & marketing strategies commence
  • Stock defined

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the typical costs involved?

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $80,000 ex GST
  • Lightspeed® Machine: Included in initial Franchise fee.
  • Legal & Accounting Fees: $1500 – $2000 pending Franchisees independent legal & accounting costs.
  • Initial Stock & Application Supplies: Included in initial Franchise fees.
  • Vehicle & Vehicle Signage: Varying cost of white commercial long wheel base van as per franchise agreement + signage cost (approximately $2000).
  • Franchisee Training: Training is included in Franchise Fees. Additional cost of 2 weeks accommodation & meals are required at N-Hance Head Office.
  • Post Training Support: N-Hance have a dedicated Franchise Operations Manager who will be available as your franchise “coach” as you develop your sales and marketing skills & grow your franchise.

Disclaimer: The above costs are estimates only.

What marketing support is available to me as an N-Hance Franchisee?

You will benefit from a group national marketing strategy and specific local area marketing training.

How are the N-Hance Territory locations decided on?

As we all know it is all about location, location, location!  N-Hance works closely with one of Australia’s & New Zealand’s leading research companies choosing the appropriate locations – population sizes & demographics to ensure your area is well suited to an N-Hance Franchise.  That said, naturally you should still do your own research to make sure that you are happy with the area.

Do I get help launching my N-Hance Franchise?

The franchisor will assist you in launching your N-Hance Franchise.  Our support staff will train you on the critical items such as, but not limited to the following…

  • Sales Planning
  • Marketing & Advertising Planning
  • Sales Execution
  • Service Delivery
  • Client Retention Strategies
  • Referral Programs

What support is available to me as an N-Hance Franchisee?

As well as being supported by your franchisor, you are also able to turn to your fellow Franchisees if you have a problem or query via direct contact using Skype calls or via the N‑Hance bi-annual group franchise meetings.

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