Business success comes from having a quality product in an identified market and surrounding yourself with the right people.

From our initial meeting at Head Office we knew that these were the type of people we wanted to partner in business with.

Training and support in both product and office procedures along with business development are second to none.

We have been able to quickly expand our business and without their support we could not have achieved the same level of success.

Telford & Karen Erskine

“We have been involved with the management team behind N-Hance for the past 30 years, during which time we have grown our business from one man in a van to an operation of 6 franchised areas and over 20 staff.  Throughout that time, we have found the team to be very supportive of the changes and decisions we have made in our business to achieve our successes.

A major asset to the team is the network of great people involved with it.  It takes many years to build a company into a reputable franchisor, but with an established and recognised franchise management team and a strong network of people in support, the N-Hance business is in a very strong position for success.”

Roger & Chris Brown

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