N-Hance is a revolutionary, innovative, affordable wood renewal service that renews your wood cabinets and floors with minimal dust and without the inconvenience normally associated with traditional refinishing and painting methods.

By Glenn Walford and Leona D’vaz

According to CEO Mark Greenwood, in many cases, “With N-Hances wood renewal service, the process can be completed in just one day!  There’s no longer any reason to wait to renew that beautiful wood finish in your home”.

Over time, wooden cabinets and floors can become damaged or faded but, with N-Hance, Mark says they can, “renew their life and lustre at a fraction of the cost all without the hassle of replacing or having to experience the dust inconvenience and noxious odours that come with traditional wood refinishing processes and products”.

N-Hance Technicians remove the dirt and grime build-up that makes wood look flat and lifeless over time.  “The renewal process thoroughly cleans the surface, removes old coatings, repairs damaged areas with less mess and applies an elegant finish”.

“Our wood refinishing is a proprietary system that involves little or no sanding – is non-toxic and has very little odour.  We have a UV accelerator in our finishes so floors, cabinets and benchtops in your home will cure and dry with our exclusive ultraviolet (UV) Lightspeed® machine in hours instead of waiting three to five days”.

Bringing the business to Australia has been an exciting venture.  For Mark, the US franchisors passion, size of the franchise network, products and their chemistry, “was something we could relate to (with our existing franchise business) and we have the requisite technical experience in our team to manage this aspect, and know the Australian and New Zealand markets will replicate the growth and market acceptance of the US franchise system”.

As an established and successful franchisor, with “the people and systems already in place”, Mark explains teething problems usually experienced by a new franchise system were reduced significantly.  “Our existing Wet-seal business has been operating for 31 years and we have a proven track record in the franchise industry.  On top of this, five of the Australian N-Hance team members undertook extensive training with N-Hance in the US”, – ensuring the best possible support and outcomes to franchisees.

Mark believes passion and a self-starter attitude are the two main attributes of a successful franchisee, as well as being a ‘people person’.  “This business is all about delivering a fantastic product, service and a willingness to understand the customer’s needs when assessing their job or project”.  In the US, franchisees have bought additional territories; taking on more of a management role and employing staff to undertake the refinishing work.

“They focus on working on the business (including sales) rather than directly in the business.”  Mobile/van franchises are “great value for money” as they are not burdened with leases normally associated with retail or office space.

Variety is also a key element, as every day is different.  “I think the biggest buzz at the end of most days will be the customer’s reaction to the finished work – doing a rewarding job and getting paid for it – it does not get much better”.

For people interested in pursuing an N-Hance franchise:

  • Lodge an expression of interest with the National Franchise Manager, Darren Leaney to start preliminary discussions and have initial questions answered.
  • Complete an application form.
  • Fly to NSW Head Office (Coffs Harbour) to meet the team, tour the premises – including training facility.
  • Complete due diligence (including selection a territory); disclosure documents, franchise agreements.
  • Tw-weeks training program
  • Start up pack delivery (valued at approximately $35k), delivered and ready to fit out van (including branding); with two months product to get started.
  • Work on local area marketing plan, then formalised marketing plan.

The above article appeared on page 86 in the April-July 2017 issue of Franchise Buyer magazine, Brands in Action section – see below link for a copy of the actual printed article https://www.franchisebuyer.com.au/get-the-mag

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