Sanitise, Clean, Seal and Protect with N-Hance’s Granite Benchtop Refresh

Granite benchtops are both a durable and beautiful option for your home.  Granite resists chipping, scratching, cracking and is heat resistant.  With proper care and maintenance, you should be able to enjoy its natural beauty for many years.

Over time though, granite will lose some of its beauty and shine due to hard water, dirt and general use.  Granite is porous, which means that, even if a sealant was applied during installation, or on an older benchtop, the sealant can still wear thin and allow staining liquids to seep through.

Regular maintenance can help keep and restore the beauty and shine.  The products we use on your granite are Green Certified and they sanitise, clean, seal and protect your granite.


  • Removes 98.4% of the bacteria from your granite benchtop*
  • Eliminates dirt, oils, hard water and other grime
  • Seals and protects the surfaces from staining
  • Renews the lustre and shine of your benchtops
  • Protects your investment in your granite benchtops

* Based on results from a study conducted by an independent laboratory using N-Hance’s Granite Benchtop Refresh cleaning process with a sanitiser added.  Figures are an average across several tests conducted in multiple homes.

Clean and Sanitise

During the cleaning process we remove the dirt, oils, grime and hard water that make granite benchtops look dull over time.  We sanitise the surface to remove an average of 98.4% of bacteria from the granite.  Our solutions are non-toxic, so you can be sure your family is safe.


Sealing your granite benchtops is important to protect your investment.  Granite is porous and sealants block liquids from seeping into the granite.  This is especially critical if the liquids are a staining colour such as wine or grape juice.


Our final step is our Granite Polish.  The polish not only helps protect, but renews its original beauty and shine.

To return your granite benchtops to their original shine and finish with N-Hance call 1800 957 811 now for a free appraisal.

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